Gear Cutting Links

There are a number of sites with information about gears and gear cutting and several useful books on the subject. You might like to have a look at these as well as the other stuff listed below.

Books on Amazon:


Hobber Patterns
I don't know who this is but he appears to be making a Jacobs style Gear hobber from home made castings. there are just a couple of pictures of the castings here.
If you make aluminium gears, you might want them to look good. This site is, perhaps, the best for telling you about anodizing your parts.
Ash Gear & Supply
Claim to the the World's largest stocking distributor of gear tools. Have a look and see for yourself.
Bevel Gear Cutting Page
David Lehrian describes how he cuts bevel gears on his Sherline mill for RC truck differentials.
John stevenson's excellent guide to making involute cutters by the button method and way to make proper form-relieved cutters.
Duncan Munro has a very good page showing the derivation of the circular approximation to the involute and is building a version of the Jacobs gear hobber described in Model engineer in 1976
Lost Wax Casting Primer Second Edition
If you fancy casting some gears for that more rustic look found in old farm machinery, you might want to have a look here.
Reg Ingold
Here are some tips and ideas for single point cutting of gears.
Andy Newman
Has a page with information about how he has cut some replacement drive gears for his RC truck.
Watch Gears
If you want a bit more of a challenge have a look at this informative page about cutting wheels and pinions for watches.

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