The Renesas H8/3687 Processor

The H8/3687 Series is based on the H8/3664 Series and is designed for higher operating speed with an operating frequency of 20 MHz an a enhanced set of peripherals. These include extended timer channels, two serial interfaces, Power On Reset, Low Voltage Detect and a 14 bit PWM controller. While mostly upward compatible with the H8/3664, the differences particularly wit the timers, will mean that care must be taken when porting applications between the two processors.


56k In system programmable through the serial port with a built-in bootloader
4k on chip
20MHz system clock
32kHz real-time sub-clock
8 bit timers
RTC - extended version of the timer A 8 bit timer found in the H8/3664. Single channel, 8 bit, can be used as an interval timer or a clock time-base
Timer B1 - single channel, 8 bit timer
Timer V - single channel, 8 bit timer. Free running or external event counter with compare match
16 bit timers
Timer Z - 2 channel, 16 bit. Each channel has 4 output compare/input capture registers.
Watchdog timer
Single channel, can be used as an interval timer
Internal - 38 sources
External - 11 sources
A/D converter
8 channel, 10 bit, successive approximation
45 general I/O
8 input only
Serial devices
IIC Bus interface
SCI3 - two serial channels that can be used as asynchronous or synchronous serial ports
Power On Reset (optional)
Low Voltage Detect (optional)
14 bit PWM using pulse division
FP64A - QFP-64 (14mm x 14mm)
FP64E - LQFP-64 (10mm x 10mm)

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