The H8/3664 Series the basis of the H8/300 Tiny range of processors. essentially a low cost, simplifies version of the older H8 processors, it retains the same basic core with a 16 bit instruction set capable of 32 bit data manipulation. This is a very versatile processor available in a range of packages and capable of up to 10 MIPS with a 16MHz clock. pretty well all of the normal range of periperals are to be found in this chip with a relatively large amount of flash memory and on-chip RAM. especially attarctive is the ability to program the device directly through the serial port, thank to the on-board bootloader.


32k In system programmable through the serial port with a built-in bootloader
2k on chip
16MHz system clock
32.768kHz real-time sub-clock
8 bit timers
Timer A - Single channel, 8 bit, can be used as an interval timer or a clock time-base
Timer V - single channel, 8 bit timer. Free running or external event counter with compare match
16 bit timers
Timer W - 16 bit timer/counter with output compare and input capture
Watchdog timer
Single channel, can be used as an interval timer
Internal - 19 sources
External - 11 sources
A/D converter
8 channel, 10 bit, successive approximation
29 general I/O (27 on the DP-42 package)
8 input only
Serial devices
IIC Bus interface
SCI3 - single serial channel that can be used as an asynchronous or synchronous serial port
FP64A - QFP-64 (14mm x 14mm)
FP64E - LQFP-64 (10mm x 10mm)
FP48F - QFP-48 (10mm x 10mm)
FP48B - LQFP-48 (7mm x 7mm)
DP42S - 42 pin shrink DIP

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